Holiday donut tree recipie

Donuts not just dessert

Delicious donut Christmas tree tower doubles as a dual decor/appetizer! This super easyy to assemble 3 ingredient appetizer is a center piece for your holiday table.

Gather ingredients:

-Foam Cones

-Saran wrap


-Donut holes

-Rosemary sprigs

-Cranberries or pomegranate arils

-Powdered sugar

Step 1: Gather all the goods!

Step 2: Wrap foam cones in saran wrap.

Step 3: Start sticking toothpicks at the bottom and placing your donut holes!

Step 4: Fill in any empty space with cranberries or pomegranate arils

Step 5: Make it snow powdered sugar on top of your Christmas trees!

Step 6: Enjoy both visually and edibley!

Assembly is a snap! I can’t believe how simple this was to put together yet so impressive at the same time! If you are hosting this years holiday gathering these donut hole trees are a must! I can’t emphasize enough how easyy this sweet treat is and it truly is an eye-catcher! This could also be a fun and yummy craft for Santa’s little helpers over Christmas break and a great way for them to pitch in! Watch the tutorial below!